Guest Information


No parking is allowed at any time in the rotary in front of the clubhouse. This includes winter months when the course could be closed. This area must be kept clear for emergency vehicles and/or vendor deliveries.


Plymouth Country Club is a smoke-free facility.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices may be carried for GPS and emergencies only. These devices must be set to silent so as not to disturb other golfers.

Code of Conduct

All unauthorized persons or rules infractions will be reported to the Board of Directors, Director of Golf or Clubhouse Manager.

  • No member or guest may bring his or her own alcoholic beverages to the Club including Clubhouse, course and grounds
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the premises
  • Members are responsible for their guests and advising their guests of all Club policies and regulations

Golf Course Regulations

  • Plymouth Country Club is a "soft-spike only" facility
  • Maintain a reasonable speed of play
  • With an open hole ahead, allow faster players through
  • No group shall include more than four players
  • Repair ball marks on greens
  • Replace fairway divots
  • Use golf carts and handcarts in a way that does minimum damage to the course. Golf carts must stay on paths where they exist and exit 90° to the ball in play. Carts with flags may not drive near the greens or bunkers. PCC makes handicap flags available when proof of a disability is provided. Proof would be a note from a physician. It is understood that the flag does not allow carts closer than 25 feet to greens and bunkers. It is also understood that wet conditions may restrict cart usage completely.
  • Golf rounds start only on the first hole, unless permission to start elsewhere is obtained from the Pro Shop. During winter play (refer daily to website for course conditions and opening time) play starts on the first hole and players must use designated winter tees and temporary greens.
  • Do not litter; use receptacles provided
  • A ranger, the Pro, or his designee will monitor play on the course. All players must comply with their requests. Play may be monitored with starting and finishing time.
  • USGA Rules govern all group play, tournament play and daily play. This includes non-conforming equipment. It is up to the players to protect the rest of the field.
  • Course is closed or opened by the Course Superintendent in consultation with the Grounds Chairman. Please do not pressure them.

House Regulations

  • Proper attire is required.
  • Control language.
  • In general, the ordinary rule of etiquette shall be observed. Members shall not be disorderly or vulgar, or conduct themselves in a way that causes others to be inconvenienced or embarrassed.
  • Use of the Club bulletin boards is not allowed without the approval of the Clubhouse Manager or the Club President.

Dress Code

Appropriate attire is required on the golf course, in the practice areas and in the public rooms of the clubhouse. The Board of Directors, Committee Members, Director of Golf, the Clubhouse Manager, and their assistants are responsible for enforcing this code.

Playing privileges and admission to the Clubhouse will not be granted to members or guests who violate the rules of the dress code. Members are responsible to make their guests and family members aware of these requirements.

Men and women may wear Bermuda-type shorts, slacks, shirts with sleeves and collars including mock turtlenecks and other golf clothing typically sold by popular golf manufacturers. Nice shirts or tops designed specifically to be worn over the waist such as men's "tropical shirts" and many women's golf shirts may be worn. 

Women may also wear sleeveless shirts with collars and skirts/shorts mid-thigh length or longer.

Hats are not permitted in the upstairs of the clubhouse.

Jeans (dress or designer) are permitted in the clubhouse for social and dining purposes. Conforming jeans will not be acid-washed, excessively worn or baggy, or have holes, rips, or tears and shall otherwise satisfy the Club’s published dress code.

Jeans of any kind are not permitted on the golf course at any point during the year.

It is the responsibility of members to inform their guests of the dress policy prior to arrival.

Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty and the comfort level of fellow Members when making attire decisions.

On the Golf Course

Those wearing inappropriate attire will be denied golf privileges or asked to purchase appropriate attire in our Pro Shop when open.

In the Clubhouse

Those wearing inappropriate attire in the public rooms of the Clubhouse will be asked to leave or asked to purchase appropriate attire in our Pro Shop when open.